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Manuelcha Prado is a famous andean guitarist, composer, compiler, arranger and singer and has performed in Europe, the United States, and South America.

Manuelcha Prado Alarcón, better known by his artistic name Manuelcha Prado, was born in 1955 in the village of Puquio (province of Lucanas, Ayacucho deparment). Composer, guitarist and troubadour, Manuelcha is also known as “the saqra of the guitar” (the Quechua term saqra menas, among other things, “warlock”). He started his musical career at the age of twelve, under de leadership of rural musicians native to his birthplace.

In the 70s Manuelcha moved to Lima, where he participated in different groups (including one of tropical music). After a while he decided to launch his solo career collecting the native music of Puquio, a village described with much poetry by the Peruvian writer José María Arguedas.
Among the sounds that he gathers together there is the wasichakuy (music for building the roof), the wawa pampay (music for a child’s funeral), the alba, the atipanakuy (music for competition), the wallpa waccay, different “tonos” of the “Danza de las tijeras” (literally, scissors dance), the ayla (music for a youth dance during the Fiesta del Agua, Water Festival), the torovelay (music for the Soras cattle-branding festival, province of Lucanas) and many others.

His musical arrangements and instrument variation (originally these styles were played on harp of the revival of folkloric music in Peru. On the other hand, in his search for sounds Manuelcha uses different tunings or “temples” that he has named “comuncha”, “diablo”, “arpa”, “conchucano”, “sanchecerro” and “morochuco”.
His first album, “Guitarra Indigena” was released in 1981. The following year he went on his first international tour, and in 1985 launched “Testimonio Ayacuchano”. Two years later “Galopando al sur” came to light and in 1990, along with Raúl García Zárate and Javier Echecopar, Manuelcha published the book “Música para guitarra del Perú” that was used as a textbook in music schools all over the country.

Guitarra Indigena (1981)
Guitarra Indigena (1981)

In 1991, Manuelcha celebrated his 25-year career with the release of the homonymous album. In 1996 appeared “Romance de guitarrero” live album, with Carlos Falconi. And two years late he launched “Cavilando”, accompanied by the group “Proyecto Kavilando”. Lastly, in 1999 he recorded “Kukulinay” ant the following year “Saqra”.

Saqra (2000)
Saqra (2000)

Manuelcha Prado is a musician connected with his Andean roots who has spread the musical repertoire of the Central Peruvian Sierra. His manual dexterity on the guitar is beyond any doubt, as it is the thoroughness of his work recovering and promoting the music of the “deep Peru”.

By Edgardo Civallero / Sara Plaza
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Date: 05 May 2011