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Guests: Javier Echecopar and Pepita García-Miró with Andean Charms.

This Thursday, November 27 Manuelcha Prado 45th birthday guitar in hand, battling for the rescue of the Peruvian Andean musical tradition, the legacy Arguedas and rescue language of Runes, Runa Simi, best known as the Quechua language or Incas.

Precisely prepares to celebrate a repertoire that spans the spectrum of his work: Guitar solos like a whisper of the valleys and old guitarists wailing on full moon nights and serenades, with hints of ballads sung by the voice scraped spirits roads, harps and violins.

Manuelcha routine turns in and out of the country touring. Comes provide important concerts with artists emblematic of the deep Peru. This time, with two guests: Javier Echecopar and Pepita García-Miró, both natives of the Peruvian coast, heirs to the rich musical tradition comprehensive Creole and overseas, whose sensitivity and commitment to a Peru have long approached the world with Andino respect, professionalism and care that only the big ones usually profess their peers. With them will perform classics like Orphaned Andean Bird, yaravíes, qachuas and wayllachas.

This Gala will feature Andina notable musicians, led by the legendary Andrés “Chimango” Lares, along with Jaime Guardia Jr. and Gregory Harper “Lapla” Condon, who make “Charms Andean” project promoted by the great Jaime Guardia and Pepita García-Miró. It should be noted that while Jaime still in recovery, it is up to his son Jaime José take the charango and represent, go challenge.

The National Grand Theater will be the stage to celebrate 45 years together Manuelcha. Welcome friends to this great musical event. Tickets: Teleticket Wong and Metro.

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✿ Manuelcha Prado /
✿ Javier Echecopar /
✿ Pepita García-Miró y Encantos Andinos