Manuelcha Prado is one of the most well-known troubadours of Andean music and doubtlessly one of the maestros of the Andean guitar, a particular style of traditional music in South America. He was born in PerĂº, in the Andean town of Puquio, Department of Ayacucho, where he grew surrounded by a stimulating sonorous environment. Accordingly, nature and indigenous features have a strong presence in his versatile artistic proposal as a composer, singer and especially as a virtuoso guitarist. In the 80ths, Manuelcha Prado became one of the main representatives of the new social song of Ayacucho. Furthermore, his beautiful arrangements and compositions for guitar express not only an original voice but also they are strongly linked with the tradition of playing the guitar in the Peruvian Andes. Thus, Manuelcha Prado explores deeply the possibilities of guitar in order to paint a contemporary view of the Andean socio-cultural landscape.